Should really do some work, but Netflix…

I am a big time procrastinator. Funnily enough, only when I have loads of free time. I hate leaving things undone, but it also takes me time to start doing them. Especially new things. Like the blog. When I started it, I had planned to write posts every 2 days or more than twice a week. I’m lucky if I actually post once a month. The amount of posts that I have unfinished are unreal. Before, it was because I didn’t have time. With a full time job and volunteering 3 days a week, I was lucky to get 1 day off and as you can imagine, I would have a million things to do on those days. Now, I only volunteer 2 days a week, and normally I’m in work those same days, which means I actually have 2 days off a week – as a normal person.

Problem? Now I am not used to have all this free time and I never want to do anything. Like for example last week. I was off on Thursday and I had planed to get up early, go do some food shopping, write a post and tidy my room, before I met my friends. I didn’t get up early, didn’t go food shopping. All I did was stay in bed and watch Netflix, write a post and tidy my room. At least I’ve done half of what I had planned. Another thing that I have been planning to do for some time is starting using Adobe InDesign. I have found a few good free tutorials online but I always seem to find Netflix more interesting.


The main reason this happens is because I don’t have a desk. And my bed is too comfy. And being at home is always so hard to concentrate and actually get work done. So my solution: find a nice coffee shop with WiFi, take the laptop with me and do it. And it works. This morning I woke up early(ish), got ready and went to Costa. I sat there for about 2 hours and had loads done. Wrote up an action plan, actually finished some tutorials and started to used InDesign. The project I started it’s not as good as I want it, but hey, it was only my first attempt. Now I just need to do this more often. Next week. I hope.




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