Is it Pancake Time Yet?


One of my favourite days of the year is definitely Shrove Tuesday. In Portugal, we celebrate it big. Normally we all fancy dress and go out partying. Torres Vedras is the place to be, and I have some good memories of spending Carnaval there. I’d share a few photos with you but last time I went was about 6/7 years ago, and unfortunately lost all those photos.

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A review of my trip to Paris

Eiffel Tour at night

We’re almost onto the 5th week of the year already, however it seems like the longest month ever! But even though it seems like it’s been January for ages, this was probably the best January I’ve had in a while. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should!), you’ll know I’ve been to Paris last week! 

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New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year boys and gals! Hope you all had a boss Christmas break and are all set with goals and positivity for this year! This time last year my mental health wasn’t at its best and I wasn’t happy with a few things in my life and going through a lot of stress, both at work and my personal life.

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Why have I decided to change to a plant-based diet

I was always a bit sceptical about becoming a vegan and I have always said I could never survive more than two days without eating a meat product. I mean, last year I decided to try and be vegetarian for a week and on day 2 I completely forgot about it and made myself a chicken sandwich. I think that says a lot.

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Celebrating 5 Years of Liverpool

I get asked a lot why I left Portugal. Not many people are able to move away from home, nevermind moving to another country. It’s quite scary and it takes a lot of courage. Especially if you move alone. Afterall, you’re leaving everything you’ve ever known behind.

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Things you should know before joining the gym: Begginers

If you’ve read my blog, follow me on social media or know me in person you knew one thing about me: I don’t like exercising. In school, I’d always manage to just pass PE, wouldn’t make an effort at all and didn’t do any sports outside school. Except swimming which I did when I was 6/8 years old a little bit after at 21. Other than that, ZERO.

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