Happy 26th Birthday to me!

So it was my birthday two days ago. I am now 26, only 4 years until I’m 30. Still doesn’t sink in. I thought I’d be more freaked out about it but I’m not. I have realised that age is just a number and the age you are, doesn’t mean is the age you feel. I still feel like I’m 23 and will probably keep telling people I’m 23, though I can easily pass by 21.Perks of being African descendent.

Last year, when I turned 25 I was freaking out. Mainly because it made me realise that soon I’d be 30 and didn’t have my life together. I still don’t, but that has changed from last year. I’m not stressed about that anymore. I mean I still am, but I’ve decided that I won’t let it affect me. Instead, I’m just going to try to have the best time ever. Have fun. I mean, I’ll have the rest of my life to get my life together. As I say to my friends a lot, for some people it will take longer than others to achieve what they wish. I have realised that nothing comes easy and we have to work to get what we want. And it will pay off. I know it will.

I think I actually had one of the best birthdays I could have possibly ask for. I had my makeup done by a Mac professional (there will be a post about it), I was super spoilt by my friends, got loads of presents, and even flowers! So all this is a good sign for me. This year is going to be great. And I cannot wait for it!


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