How I’ve spent less than £500 in Croatia and still had a great time


Hello everybody, long time no see! So if you follow me on Social Media, you would know that I came back from a 10-day trip to Croatia a few weeks ago. And what a trip it was!!  Croatia has been on my list of places to go for a while now, mostly because of Game of Thrones, but also because I’d heard amazing things about it. So after I promised myself last year that I would visit this year, I finally booked my flights in January. My friend (and travel partner) and I decided we’d like to visit a few […]

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A review of my trip to Paris

Eiffel Tour at night

We’re almost onto the 5th week of the year already, however it seems like the longest month ever! But even though it seems like it’s been January for ages, this was probably the best January I’ve had in a while. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you should!), you’ll know I’ve been to Paris last week! 

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