How I’ve spent less than £500 in Croatia and still had a great time


Hello everybody, long time no see! So if you follow me on Social Media, you would know that I came back from a 10-day trip to Croatia a few weeks ago. And what a trip it was!!  Croatia has been on my list of places to go for a while now, mostly because of Game of Thrones, but also because I’d heard amazing things about it. So after I promised myself last year that I would visit this year, I finally booked my flights in January. My friend (and travel partner) and I decided we’d like to visit a few […]

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How I have reduced the usage of plastic in the past 6 months

I’ve always been very environmentally conscious and I can very passionate about it. I’m not in any way an activist but I have strong beliefs that we are harming our planet and that we need to stop it and do more than we are currently doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m part of the problem and I know I don’t do everything I can to be more environmentally friendly. But in a highly globalised world, I feel like it’s becoming harder for the little guys like you and me to make BIG differences – unless we’re all together […]

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The Misconception of “The Secret”

The Secret book

I’m pretty sure all of you have heard of “The Secret”. And most of you have probably read it too. If you haven’t, then have a look at it here. I started reading it at the beginning of the year and I just loved it. I don’t believe in religion or anything, but I truly believe things happen for a reason and the universe has got a great impact on our lives. I.e, when stars are aligning good things happens to you, in the same way that bad stuff all happen at once.

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15 things you should know about me

After my little rebrand, I thought I’d do a little post for you to get to know me a little bit better. I’ve been blogging for a while and I know I don’t share much about me on Instagram or here, that’s why sometimes I think the engagement is not as good as I hoped. So in order to fix that, I’ve decided to do a little “What you should know about me”. So here it goes!

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I’m back!

Guess who’s back? Back again. (Alexa is back, tell a friend). This always reminds me of Eminem so obviously I had to do it. Yes, girls and boys, I am back to the blogging world after a 3-month break and finally managed to sort out my blog along with a little rebrand.

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